Eworld is a leading eCommerce company in RA. We aim to make the eCommerce experience better for everyone and develop it in Armenia as well.


Our Ecosystem is formed by a unique combination of values and beliefs. EWORLD makes unique products and services accessible to its clients and gives back to the eCommerce community.

eCommerce projects – Successful online shops all over the world

Smarketa – eCommerce marketing agency that grows all aspects of your business

EWORLD Education Platform – Our years’ of expertise shared with the community

EWORLD SAAS tools – In-House developed eCommerce software tools to scale your company (significantly optimize your existing operations)

Charity – EWORLD kids’ foundation providing aid and educational opportunities


Raise future generations as changemakers through facilitating their growth by providing the needed resources and skills.


The mission of eworld Group is threefold: to become a niche retailer in the multiproduct environment and build great product brands; provide eCommerce services; share our experience through professional eCommerce courses. All the above activities fuel our foundation, that works in the direction of providing a better tomorrow for future generations.


We believe in human values and this extends to our business development strategies, our corporate management and company culture


The growth of eworld is achieved only through personal and professional growth of each member.

  • Professional learning courses are incorporated into the quarterly goals of every single member of our staff
  • Each of us takes responsibility in becoming a better professional in their field and brush up on the latest trends
  • We make sure to use the gained knowledge in our day to day tasks, to test theories and use what works
  • eworld is hell bend on facilitating professional growth and has a library of learning courses available for each member free of charge, and covers 50% of costs for courses not included there 

Passion towards work and life is among the key tokens of eworld’s success.

  • We are working on an international marketing arena, thus our drive is evident in how we handle the fast pace of ever-changing trends and behaviours in order to stay on track and prevail over our competitors
  • The passion for life is in the veins of each member, starting from CEO and finishing with the cleaning lady ((absolutely love it ))))! We love life and are happy to get crazy from time to time, and the CEO gives the best example of that. 
  • Each member of eworld family is a happy and positive person, with a great passion towards what they do, which is one of the criteria in the selection process
  • Any additional efforts never go unnoticed, which gives a drive boost to strive for excellence and go the extra mile

Care is the core of all our actions, interactions, and relationships.

  • At eworld you will find the most caring and nurturing working environment, with an employee-centric positioning 
  • eworld has gas given its staff such perks as weekly massage sessions and 1 paid monthly day off as a way to show their care and appreciation
  • There is a playroom/children’s corner in the office, where anyone can go take a nap or bring their kid when there is no one to look after them
  • A flexible working schedule and working anniversary celebrations, together with a wish-box show just how much each employee is valued

We respect each other’s hard work, boundaries and freedoms, regardless of our differences.

  • We respect each other’s privacy, personal space, and opinions, and always come to work dressed smart-casual and with a respectful appearance  
  • Freedom of speech and expression is incorporated into day-to-day interactions and speak-up culture is rooted within eworld speak up culture 
  • We only use respectful language during interactions and never use abusive or vulgar phrases, and make sure to express gratitude for the completed tasks and favours
  • We respect each other’s work and expertise and never comment on each other’s performance quality. Even if there are notes, instead of just complaining and simply criticising, we encourage change through actions.


eworld planet was born in 2011 and since then we have been working passionately to deliver high-class products and services to our clients. eCommerce lies in eworld’s core and all of our activities emerge from it. As of today, we have 8 different eCommerce projects running in 19 countries, and we keep rapidly growing. Plus, our eCommerce marketing agency is flourishing, with proven results in more than 17 countries.


Auto Covers

Auto Covers project is an online shop offering protection for cars in the UK, France, Germany, the USA and Australia. The project started in 2019 and has successfully positioned itself in those markets and outshined the major competitors.
With a great team of marketers, eworld is bridging a unique eCommerce experience to its clients by actively operating on such channels as Google ads, Google Organic and Social Media. We are dedicated to providing the best services while taking all aspects of online shopping to another level.

One Cover – Ultimate Protection


Mobile Signal Boosters is the biggest project yet, operating in 12 languages and 19 countries, including the UK, the US, Australia, Ireland, Germany, France, South Africa, New Zealand and many more. This online store provides solutions for bad signal coverage in closed areas, like houses, apartments, office buildings and other spaces.
Our team of professionals has created a simple and straightforward interface to help guide the client in the right direction to the best solution for their specific needs. However, since the eCommerce world is constantly changing, we roll with the punches and test and optimise the operation regularly.

Enjoy Your Life Without Dropped Calls


Smarketa is a digital marketing agency with an eCommerce business mindset. It was launched about a decade ago, and now is very successful with hundreds of clients in 17 countries around the globe, including the UK, the USA, Australia and many more.
We have a team of top-notch professionals and strategists in SEO, paid advertising, like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and so on, as well as conversion rate optimization or CRO. That allows us to put your company on the map, craft a sustainable long-term strategy that will drive quality traffic to your website and increase sales.

We Grow eCommerce businesses


Kaoori is an online shop that runs in the UK, France, Germany, and Austria and sells chess sets and accessories made by the EU cheesemakers. Here you can find anything you are looking for that is related to chess, from boards, pieces, clocks and even educational and 3 person chess sets.
eworld is sparing no expenses to make sure that our projects are led by the people with the highest skills and knowledge. That’s part of the reason why our projects are successful and are present across the board of media including Google Ads, Social media and prevail in Google’s Organic search.

The Art of Chess Brought to Your Home


eworld has a goal of entering new niches and markets almost every quartet. We make sure to do our due diligence, establish business partnerships with only the best and most reliable suppliers, and provide the best online shopping experience to our clients. We are constantly testing new strategies, approaches and discovering small hacks that help us make the whole process even smoother, for everyone involved.
At eworld, clients are our highest priority, thus we craft everything around them, ensuring they find exactly what they need and get only joy, satisfaction and solutions to their problems.

Our Team

Passionate, innovative and creative eCommerce professionals are leading the progress of online shopping. If you think you are a good fit